Chefs Recommendations
Rice or nan strongly recommended

Hasian Special 1
(Mini king prawns marinated with home made tamarind sauce garnished with chat masla and mint, fresh green chilli green papers, tomato and onions. Served with basmati rice [slightly hot])
Hasian Special 2
(Chicken marinated with home made tamarind sauce garnished with chilli, green papers, tomato and onion served with basmati rice [slightly hot])
Chefs Special 1
(Chicken garnished with fresh Bangladeshi vegetable, cooked with onion, tomatoes green papers)
Chefs Special 2
(Chicken marinated with spices cooked with fresh green chilli & garlic with onion tomatoes, green papers bombay aloo with mushroom & spinach)
Balti Tropical
(Combination of meat, chicken, prawn & mushroom medium hot)
Balti Chef
(Chef recommendation, all tandoori cooked with tandoori sauce, garnished with fresh mince meat)
Lamb or Chicekn Paza
(Cooked with coriander garnished with fresh onion & lemon juice slightly hotter then medium)
Chicken or Lamb Saggoa
(Chicken or lamb tikka garnished with onion tomatoes coriander mince meat and spinach, slightly hot curry)
Chicken or Lamb Capsica Aloo
(Green papers garnished with bombay aloo, coriander, tomatoes, onion, garlic & slightly hot curry)
Chicken or lamb Naga
(Spicy hot dish cooked with hot Bangladeshi Naga chilli in a tick sauce. a beautiful dish)
King Prawn Naga £10.90
Korai Special
(Traditional Indian village method of cooking chicken cured in herbs & spices cooked in a nature spices a slightly hot curry)
King Prawn Korai Special £10.90
Chicken lamb Pasanda
(In homemade yogurt herbs & creamy sweet curry)
Sultani Pasanda
(Lamb steak which is marinated cooked in our clay oven first then cured in homemade yogurt herbs medium hot curry cooked with diced onion and fresh coriander)
Murghi Masala
(An Indian wedding feast disj comprised of half chicken [off the bone] seasoned in a blend of herbs and spices with almonds, medium)
Chiken or Lamb Musalam
(Chicken or Lamb with green chilli & fresh coriander slightly hot dishes)
Sheraz Special Grill Masala
(A combination off all the tandoori cooked with tandoori sauce & spinach mince meat gamished with coriander [slightly hot])
Chicken Sherazi
(Chicken tikka gamished with home made & spices slightly hotter than medium)
King Prawn Sherazi £10.95
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Masala
(Chiken or lamb cooked in clay oven then a delicate creamy curry [sweet dish] is made of)
Tandoori King Prawn Masala
(Containas dish)
Butter Chicken (Containas dish)
(Very mild & creamy cooked in tandoori spices & almonds fresh cream & butter [sweet dish])
Garlic Chilli Chicken
(Cooked with freh garlic, fresh green chilli gamished with tomato, onion coriander)
Chicken Rajistaani
(Tandoori off tahe bone, onion, green pepper, tomato with chilli and slightly hot curry with chicken tikka, lamb, king prawn on demand)
Chicken Moglal Special
(Sliced tikka, chopped green chilli, garlic, spinach sag, scrambled egg. cooked with herb & spices, slightly hot. gamished with fresh tomato and coriander)
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Jalfrazi
(Hotter than medium, cooked with onion, tomato & capsicum with apices herbs fresh coriander)
King Prawn Jalfrazi £10.90
Jaipuri Chicken or Lamb
(Very popular dish from jaypur, marinated & grilled in the tandoori & Cooked with fried mushroom, onion & capsicum with punjab masla in a thick sauce, hot on request.)
Achari Chicken or Lamb
(Cooked with pickes, herbs and spices tangy and hot)
Shashlick Bhuna (Chicken or Lamb)
(Bangladeshi style, stir fry dsih with onion, green peppar, tomatoes with medium spice sauce.)
Anarkali Chiken
(Boneless chiken breast stuffed with minched lamb, fried in butter, then cooked in a special medium spice sauce. hot on request)
Chicken or Lamb Thawa
(Strips of chicken or lamb cooked with onions red and green peppers, fresh garlic and bullet chillies, topped with coriander)
Shai Korma
(Containas nuts, Very mild and creamy cooked with chicken or lamb tikka, sweety curry with almonds coconut creating a desirable delicate creamy curry taste.)
Poncho Khana £12.95
Duck Steak Curry £12.95
Nawabi Khana £12.95
Chana Dall Parota £12.95
Chicken or Lamb Paorat £11.95
Milli Jilli Platter £11.95
Chefs Sizzling One £12.95
Chefs Sizzling Two £12.95
Keema Silsila £12.95
Yam Fish Special £11.95
Lamb Chop Shatkora Bhuna £12.95
Thali Special £12.95
Duck Special Bhuna £12.95
Bangladeshi Korma £12.95
Southern Asian Drum Stick Bhuna £11.95
Jinga Masala £12.95
Kaachi Biryani £11.95
Sizzling Tikka Special £11.95


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